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The MerkurTech.com web page represents an information merger between Chris Anglin's web page and Ryan Mattson's web page (no longer available). Development of this web page has been slow, as large projects often are. In reality, the information in most sections doesn't change often and the Picture Page has become the section that receives nearly all the updates and attention.

Take advantage of this resource. Bookmark the page and check all the resources occasionally for updates. Enjoy the picture page; there is a huge amount of material there. Read the Tech Articles; there are some golden nuggets buried in there. If you are interested in Merkur Motorsport, visit the Race Prep page. If that doesn't have enough information for you, contact me via email at anglin@mc2racing.com. A lot of development has taken place with the suspension of the XR4Ti over the last few years. A quick visit to www.mc2racing.com will help you in this department too.

Site Synopsis:
A collection of various handy automotive related programs, especially if you plan on changing to a tire size other than stock, or installing a T-5.
-Magazine Articles
An extensive collection of the Merkur and European Fords in print.
-Picture Pages
The famous and incredibly popular Picture Page is here; a picture is worth a thousand words. A great sort feature helps wade through the pictures.
-Racing Preparation
Under Construction.
-Tech Articles
A collection of data shared with Merkur mailing lists, and a series of other articles and data that no Merkur owner can live without.
Does the name David Godfrey mean anything to you? If not, you should visit this page just on principle to see his work. This page describes, in both pictures and technical writeups, the work involved in the installation of a 3.8 SuperCoupe motor into the Merkur XR4Ti. David has since moved on to other incredible projects which are documented on the Picture Page.
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These pages brought to you courtesy: Chris Anglin and Ryan Mattson