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Owner: Mike Oyler, XR4Ti dash comparison ( )

Owner: Daniel Llewellyn, Track control arm (TCA) modification to replaced TCA to anti-roll bar bushing with a spherical bearing ( )

     Replaceable spherical bearing eliminates compliance under braking, reduces some of the bind that is designed into the front suspension and eliminates the requirement to torque the big nut on the ends of the anti-roll bar when the weight is on the chassis (since the bearings are allowed to freely rotate, unlike the stock, rubber-bonded-over-steel bushing design). Note that the TCA must be modified to allow the sleeve to be inserted into the bore where the bushing used to reside.

Owner: Brad Anesi, Installation of the Outcast grille ( )

     Rob Booth's Outcast grille is depicted here on the Picture Page. The setup uses a custom grille, Chevy pickup truck headlights and custom headlight mounting brackets. See pictures further down the page under owner Rob Booth.

Owner: Chuck Warren, Shift linkage modification to allow a T5 transmission to fit into the Scorpio ( )

     This modification allows the T5 transmission to fit into the Scorpio without modification to the floor pan. The new housing is sealed from the elements with silicone.

Owner: Mike Esterline, Custom side exit exhaust ( )

Owner: Donald Wester, K2 Ski XR4Ti magazine advertisement ( )

     Another small fragment of evidence about one of the more rare XR4Tis

Owner: Mike Oyler, Stainless steel 90 turbo outlet elbow and intercooler plumbing kit ( )

     The 90 elbow has been a highly demanded part for years. Mike has also made an intercooler plumbing kit that works with the intercooler/radiator combo that he was having produced.

Owner: Brett Botell, GM LS2 V8 installation, with the T56 transmission, into an XR4Ti ( )

     The LS2 installation was built for the California market and was built to be legal for road use there. The drive-by-wire and engine management harness is from GM Performance Products and has all the OBD-II features, air box and manifolds are from a Pontiac GTO.

Owner: John Keefe, Wilwood front brake conversion on the XR4Ti ( )

Owner: Ryan Mattson, Cooling system modifications using stainless steel hard lines from Ed's Tubes, AN fittings and other mods. ( )

Owner: Mike Oyler, Alternator relocation bracket ( )

     This kit includes all mechanical components required to relocate the alternator to where the air conditioning compressor was originally located

Owner: Lee Shepherd, A simple TPS wiring jumper designed to easily check the voltage setting of the throttle position sensor without tapping the wires ( )

     Created from "European Connectors" available at Radio Shack, this jumper harness simplifies and speeds up the process of setting the TPS voltage.

Owner: Mike Oyler, Bolt on stainless steel downpipe for the XR4Ti ( )

     These downpipes are specific to the XR4Ti and bolt on to the stock turbo (T3 or the IHI if you have put one on your XR)

  • oylerdownpipe001.jpg, downpipe installed in the car - showing clearance between the anti-roll bar (sway bar), transmission and frame rail
  • oylerdownpipe002.jpg, downpipe out of the car, with included stainless steel sealing shim
  • oylerdownpipe003.jpg, downpipe installed in the car - showing fit to the floor pan of the car and length

Owner: Rob Booth, Alternate grille for the XR4Ti using modern, US market headlamps ( )

     The kit uses 2003-2006 model Chevrolet Silverado headlamps (available in multiple styles) and includes the grille, stainless headlamp brackets, hardward and the grille insert.

Owner: Chuck Warren, C4 Corvette front brake conversion on the Scorpio ( )

  • warrenfrontbrake003.jpg, completed assembly with redrilled the brake rotor, hubcentric spacer and brake caliper installed
  • warrenfrontbrake002.jpg, caliper adapters on the spindle; also note addition of a hubcentric spacer to maintain hubcentricity of the brake rotor
  • warrenfrontbrake001.jpg, caliper adapters to connect the Scorpio spindles and the Corvette calipers

Owner: Chuck Warren, C4 Corvette rear brake conversion on the Scorpio ( )

  • warrenrearbrake001.jpg, brake caliper adapters to connect the Scorpio rear bearing carrier to the Corvette caliper
  • warrenrearbrake002.jpg, caliper (and rotor) bolted to the adapter and the semi-trailing arm (STA), inboard view
  • warrenrearbrake003.jpg, outboard view of the installed assembly
  • warrenrearbrake004.jpg, comparison between the Corvette (left) and Scorpio (right) rear brake assemblies (don't be fooled by the backing plate on the Scorpio setup)

Owner: Chris Maskell, V8 conversion and general progress pics ( )

Owner: Chuck Warren, Bolt-in polyurethane transmission mount for the T9 and C3 transmissions on the stock Merkur crossmember ( )

Owner: Chuck Warren, Scorpio rear beam modifications to reset camber and toe ( )

     Note that these modifications are applicable to the XR4Ti rear beam since the two are effectively identical.

Owner: David Godfrey, Dual brake master cylinder with balance bar for brake bias adjustment ( )

     The balance bar setup allows for adjustment of front to rear brake bias.

Owner: John Keefe, Wilwood brake caliper brackets for the Cosworth rear semi-trailing arms and larger bearing carriers ( )

Owner: Mike Oyler, Bolt-in radiator and intercooler combination for the XR4Ti ( )

     The intercooler and radiator combo was designed to eliminate as many hassles of a typical intercooler installation as possible. The radiator hose inlet and outlet are in the stock location and are stock sized. The intercooler inlet and outlet sizes match the turbo and throttle body dimensions. More details are available at Mike's page:

Owner: Lou Medina, Cold air inlet setup with Mass Air meter ( )

     For all those with questions about the installation of a mass air flow meter (MAF) with the stock computer, note that a calibration box is required to fool the computer into thinking that it is receiving inputs regarding the volume of air coming when it is actually receiving signals about the mass of air coming into the engine. This method of tricking may lead to erratic, unpredicatable behavior or inconsistent performance. The purpose of these pictures is to show a method of installing a cold air box and has very little to do with a mass air conversion. Check for a post with Ryan Mattson's pictures for another version of this installation.

Owner: David Godfrey, Original 3.8 SuperCoupe motor into an XR4Ti conversion (from 1998 and 1999) ( )

     Godfrey conducted this conversion several years ago and has done some additional, well known engine swaps in the XR4Ti since these pictures were taken. The pictures have been added here to provide an additional outlet for the pictures. At the time of this addition, the pictures are also available on the XR4TiSC section of the MerkurTech web page.

Owner: Chad De Baker, Alternate method for fitting the late T5 to the 2.3 by machining the input shaft only ( )

     As a follow up to Stefano Chimarios bellhousing spacer, this method requires machining of the input shaft only to allow the late T5 to properly bolt to the 2.3 engine.

Owner: Ray Covino, Installation of QA1 coilover dampers on the rear of an XR4Ti ( )

     The lower shock pickup point was modified and beefed-up to handle the additional load of the spring. The upper shock tower pickup points were also braced to the chassis and the roll cage and double walled for extra strength.

Owner: Stefano Chimarios, Spacers to allow the use of a T5 transmission from the 1994-97 Mustang with the longer input shaft ( )

     The longer input shaft of the later T5 transmission requires some accomodation for the additional length. This unique method allows the use of a pilot bearing instead of a bushing and it maintains the concentricity of the input shaft to the bellhousing. The main spacer is 0.44 inch thick and the concentric spacer for the input shaft bearing carrier to the bellhousing interface was machined to fit snugly in the main spacer.

Owner: David Lockhart, Rear coilover suspension conversion with improved shock towers ( )

     David also included a shock tower brace that is designed to be easily removed and is more out of the way than the standard shock tower brace.

Owner: Craig Thommes, The difference between early versus late XR4Ti front anti-roll bar (sway bar) bushing and brackets ( )

     The bushings should never be swapped between the brackets. It has been done, but it will cause undue bushing wear and will have unintended, but minor, consequences for anti-roll bar function and operation.

Owner: Ian Potter, Left hand drive verus right hand drive European headlamp identification guide ( )

     The area outlined by the red line is the part that allows you to identify the headlamp as a LHD or RHD lamp

Owner: Christopher Grayson, Installation of a Forge RS500 replica intercooler ( )

     The Forge RS500 intercooler has a bar and plate core design. A C&R radiator was chosen to support engine cooling tasks.

Owner: Ryan Mattson, MAF mount and cold air intake combination ( )

     Two birds are killed with one stone by the execution of this project. If you have cut a giant hole in your fender for a cone filter setup that you aren't using anymore, this just might be a good solution for you.

Owner: Christopher Grayson, Coilover upper spring seat and bearing cup designed to maximize suspension travel ( )

     Off-the-shelf coilover conversion components are wasteful of suspension travel range. These components were designed to maximize suspension travel when used with the Powerflex upper strut insulator bushing.

Owner: Lou Medina, 12.5 inch Corvette rotors and Cobra calipers for the Contour SVT 16 inch wheel ( )

     The rotors were originally 13 inch diameter and were turned down to 12.5 inches. Custom brackets were used to complete the installation.

Owner: Ray Covino, Stripped sway bar (anti-roll bar) bolt fix ( )

     This repair was performed from the inside out since the car had a stripped interior, but the stud installation fixes the problem of the stripped helicoil on the captive nut inside the chassis that holds the sway bar bracket bolt.

Owner: Shawn Mangan, Intercooler installation using a tubular, rotated upper intake ( )

Owner: Erik Cotos, Comparison pictures of the Cosworth RS and Cosworth XR4x4 intercoolers ( )

     The XR4x4 intercooler is larger than the Cosworth RS intercooler core and has a slightly different configuration for the bypass valve connection and inlet tube angle.

  • xr4x4vsrsintercooler001.jpg, back view, XR4x4 intercooler (bottom) is much wider and has the bypass valve outlet at straight out versus the RS's 90 degree configuration, as visible on the right side/inlet side end tank
  • xr4x4vsrsintercooler003.jpg, front view, XR4x4 intercooler (bottom) is taller with 7 internal rows versus the RS's 6 internal rows
  • xr4x4vsrsintercooler002.jpg, top view; XR4x4 intercooler (top) is thicker from front to rear

Owner: Peter Sowitcky, European front spindle comparison pictures ( )

     Comparison between Escort Cosworth, Cosworth RS500 and Sierra Cosworth XR4x4

Owner: Peter Sowitcky, Differential support box ( )

Owner: Peter Sowitcky, T56 versus T5 transmission comparison ( )

     Dodge Viper T56 compared to the T5 commonly used in XR4Ti manual transmission swaps.

Owner: Ryan Mattson, Harness bar designed to use the stock front seatbelt mounting points ( )

     Schroth harness systems with retractor mechanisms were used to make this setup streetable. The harness bar maintains the correct angle for the harness as it comes backward from the shoulders to prevent spinal compression in the event of an accident. The harness bar bolts directly to stock front seatbelt bolt holes.

Owner: Ray Covino, Autopower roll bar modifications ( )

     Modifications include the addition of a harness bar and a cross brace to tie into a rear shock tower.

Owner: Nate Walsh, An 8.8 differential installation with custom stub shafts to allow the bolting of stock XR4Ti or Cosworth halfshafts ( )

     The stub shafts eliminate the need for custom halfshafts. This 8.8 installation is a Tim Roman version of the modified beam.

Owner: David Godfrey, XR4Ti converted to two piece rotors on Scorpio 5-lug spindles ( )

     XR4Ti converted to two piece rotors on Scorpio 5-lug spindles. The front rotors have a diameter of 312 mm. (The rear rotors will be 298 mm.) The calipers will be sourced from the 2005 Mustang

Owner: David Godfrey, Custom rear anti-roll bar (aka sway bar) ( )

     This anti-roll bar setup is designed around the Godfrey lateral link setup, so you get to throw away those awful stock rear anti-roll bar brackets. The design also helps facilitate the installation of new end links.

Owner: David Godfrey, Blade-type front anti-roll bar ( )

     This design is similar to the Grp-A rally front suspension components, with it's blade, capable of being rotated 90? to reduce or increase the effective stiffness of the anti-roll bar. The anti-roll bar is no longer used as a suspension locating member, so that duty must be taken over by a compression strut. You'll also notice that the anti-roll bar is installed forward of the front suspension and rod ends are used for the end links, making the anti-roll bar as effective as possible.

Owner: Christopher Grayson, Solid beam mount kit, weld-in ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Carbon fiber rear shock brace, with stainless inserts ( )

     The brace is not complete yet, just waiting on rod ends.

Owner: Chris Anglin, Carbon fiber hood installation with custom aluminum modular hood pins ( )

     Hood is restrained with modular aluminum hood pins designed to bolt into existing holes on the XR4Ti allowing the hood to be replaced with the stock metal hood without leaving any holes. Complete weight of the assembled hood is less than 7 lbs. The stock hood weighs approximately 36 lbs.

Owner: David Godfrey, Scorpio spindle to XR4Ti strut adapter ( )

Owner: Luke Perry, Cylinder head valve seat material depth test (2.3 turbo head) ( )

Owner: Luke Perry, Stinger mandrel bent 3" exhaust system, turbo back ( )

     An additional resonator was added to the exhaust system (Summit Racing).

Owner: Guilherme Mesanelli, Installation of a Sierra XR4x4 rear spoiler on to a later (88) XR4Ti hatch ( )

Owner: Tim Spencer, XR4Ti V8 conversion, detailed photos ( )

     Conversion in

Owner: Mike Oyler, SS Autochrome RS500 replica intercooler and radiator installation ( )

Owner: Joe Tutro, Volvo intercooler installation ( )

Owner: Christopher Grayson, Forge RS500 replica intercooler vs. Pace RS500 replica intercooler ( )

     The Forge IC has 2.5" inlet and outlet and weighs about 22.5 lbs with it's bar and plate core. The Pace IC has 3" inlet and outlet and weighs about 9.5 lbs with its tube and fin core. Additionally, the inlet/outlet tube length on the Pace IC has already been reduced for ease of installation.

Owner: Ian Glyn-Jones, 1988 Corsica Rallye Winner, Didier Auriol Repica build up. ( )

     Originally built by Ian for Stuart Matthews, Ian later purchased it from Stuart and reworked the car to bring it in line with racing regulations and make it more competitive. This MTPP post is the longest to date and includes several subjects and categories, including the use of Godfrey parts. (Can you really build a supersweet car with out Godfrey parts these days?)

Owner: Ryan Mattson, Isuzu NPR diesel truck intercooler installation into the XR4Ti ( )

Owner: Chad Debaker, Isuzu NPR diesel truck intercooler installation into the XR4Ti using a custom intake manifold ( )

Owner: Dick Ericksen, Rapido (?) lowering spring kit ( )

     The springs are believed to be the Rapido lowering kit. The springs were a lucky junkyard find, along with Cosworth anti roll bars, Koni dampers and a Borla dual exhaust. The pictures are shown to depict the difference in ride height when the springs are installed.

Owner: David Godfrey, Alloy brake rotor hat, CNC machined ( )

     These brake rotor hats are a part of the 5-lug conversion and racing brake rotor upgrade.

Owner: Christopher Grayson, Fitment of 275/40 17 Kumho V710 race tires on 17x9 wheels with coilover suspension ( )

     The wheels are Cobra relicas with a 20 mm offset. These pictures are from the initial fitment. The car will still have to be modified to allow the front wheels to be moved through the full range of steerting rack travel.

  • grayson275kumho015.jpg, NOTE: spot where a wider than stock tire often contacts the wheel well of an XR4Ti without proper control of the beam; this happened with 255 width tires and Powerflex polyurethane beam mounts and a stock differential mount - a good differential mount is required when you venture into wide tires (225 section width or more) or you will run into these tire contact problems - this issue has been remedied on the car with the addition of the polyurethane differential mount
  • grayson275kumho013.jpg, rear view of car with tires completely fitted
  • grayson275kumho014.jpg, rear view of car, to illustrate tire width
  • grayson275kumho011.jpg, another angle of the STA to tire clearance
  • grayson275kumho012.jpg, front view of car with tires completely fitted
  • grayson275kumho010.jpg, clearance between semi-trailing arm (STA) and the tire sidewall
  • grayson275kumho009.jpg, clearance between the tire and the body (note plenty of space between inner wall and tire sidewall
  • grayson275kumho008.jpg, inboard space required by this wheel and tire combo
  • grayson275kumho007.jpg, rear tire being installed, plenty of clearance with the body of the rear damper (shock)
  • grayson275kumho006.jpg, front tire fitted
  • grayson275kumho005.jpg, strut tube to wheel/tire clearance
  • grayson275kumho001.jpg, 255 width V700 (left) versus 275 width V710 (right)
  • grayson275kumho002.jpg, 275 tires next to the car, to give some perspective of the width of the tires
  • grayson275kumho003.jpg, coilover damper (strut) to wheel and tire clearance - note that stick-in balance weights must be used, clip on weights contact the strut tube
  • grayson275kumho004.jpg, clearance between front damper (strut) and wheel/tire (Grayson would like to add that this coilover conversion is not at all representative of coilovers available from mc?racing)

Owner: Ray Covino, XR4Ti rear subframe brace braces for stiffening the rear portion of the chassis ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Comparison between early (cast metal bracket) and late (plastic bracket) door handles ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Autopsy of an XR4Ti hydraulic motor mount ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, XR4Ti front strut bearing and spring seat assembly ( )

     This series of pics was posted in order to assist in understanding how the strut bearing assembly works and to help folks performing coilover conversions how everything should be assembled.

  • strutbearing006.jpg, bearing shown as it seats on the top of the spring cup
  • strutbearing005.jpg, bearing installed the bushing cup in correct orientation with the radial seal against the sides of the bushing cup
  • strutbearing004.jpg, bottom side of strut bearing, showing ball bearings internally and the radial seal, the strut rod passes through the large hole and rests against the bottom side of the top surface of the bearing
  • strutbearing003.jpg, another angle of the assmbly showing the gap between the two
  • strutbearing002.jpg, components assembled, bearing sandwiched between top and bottom
  • strutbearing001.jpg, spring cup (black), bushing cup (zinc yellow) and strut bearing (foreground)
  • strutbearing007.jpg, strut bearing installed on the top of the spring cup in its correct orientation

Owner: Chris Anglin, Turbo inlet casting differences ( )

  • inletcasting001.jpg, top view of casting with only one vacuum fitting in an NPT tapped hole
  • inletcasting002.jpg, side view of casting with three vacuum ports, including the NPT threaded fitting

Owner: David Godfrey, Adjustable ride height rear suspension with quick change spring perch ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Hydraulic hand brake and Wilwood rear brakes with e-brake caliper ( )

Owner: Jim Hunter, V8 conversion in the XR4Ti, Jim Deberry's components ( )

Owner: Don Sweigert, Installation of Godfrey's clutch adjuster with the billet quadrant ( )

Owner: Ray Covino, Driver's seat rail modification to mount MOMO racing seat and retain slider function ( )

     Stock seat rail picture provided by Richard Thompson.

Owner: Terry Watson, Cosworth to XR4Ti Koni Yellow strut comparison with an additional pic of the Ground Control coilover upper perch setup ( )

     Info provided by Terry Watson: Cossie strut is shorter overall by 1 13/16 inch. Strut body is shorter by 1 1/16 inch. Spring perch is lower by about 9/16 to 5/8 inch.

Owner: Richard Thompson, Sierra, XR4Ti and Scorpio hatch lock assemblies ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, XR4Ti hatch lock failure, disassembly, cleaning and attempted repair ( )

     If your hatch lock has trouble popping back out when you unlock the hatch, or it fails to work completely, check out these pictures for an idea of how to disassemble and clean it

Owner: Chris Anglin, XR4Ti rear differential mount comparisons, early, late, Group N, polyurethane and solid aluminum racing ( )

  • diffmount006.jpg, polyurethane and aluminum differential mount
  • diffmount005.jpg, Group N (often abbreviated Grp-N) mount, much harder durometer rubber and other small visual changes
  • diffmount004.jpg, bolt hole comparison between the early and late mounts
  • diffmount003.jpg, bolt hole comparison between the early and late mounts
  • diffmount002.jpg, late mount, uses M10 bolts to connect to the chassis, less rubber between steel pieces
  • diffmount001.jpg, early mount, uses M8 bolts to connect to the chassis, has more rubber between steel sections
  • diffmount007.jpg, comparison between Grp-N and polyurethane diff mount
  • diffmount008.jpg, solid aluminum differential mount for racing applications

Owner: Harry King, Modification of front suspension crossmember to alter suspension geometry ( )

     Relocation of the inner pivot bolt of the lower track control arm (TCA).

Owner: Chris Anglin, Scorpio and XR4Ti wheel bearing comparison ( )

     The Scorpio does NOT use "Set24" wheel bearings at either end of the car. Also note the difference between where the rear wheel bearing rides on the rear hubs of the Scorpio and XR4Ti. The XR4Ti uses the same wheel bearings front and rear.

Owner: Colin Doyle, Volvo head installation (and Holset turbo) on Lima-based 2.3 turbo block ( )

     Lots more pictures and information can be found at Colin's web page:

Owner: Chris Anglin, Autopower 4-point roll bar installation ( )

  • rollbar001.jpg, 2 points on the passenger side, floor connection and rear wheel well connection
  • rollbar003.jpg, rear wheel well mounting plate (3 bolts)
  • rollbar005.jpg, floor mounting plate (3 bolts)
  • rollbar007.jpg, floor mounting plate, showing room to lower bulkhead
  • rollbar011.jpg, passenger side points, improved view
  • rollbar009.jpg, roll bar clearance to b- and c-pillars, side window and headliner
  • rollbar012.jpg, headliner clearance on sunroof equipped car - the headliner is disconnected in the back, exaggerating the appearance of tight fit
  • rollbar013.jpg, visibility of roll bar from outside the car
  • rollbar014.jpg, roll bar after it was removed from the car
  • rollbar015.jpg, roll bar after it was removed from the car

Owner: Christopher Grayson, Fitment of 245/40 17 tires on 17x9 wheels with coilover suspension ( )

     The wheels are Cobra replicas and have a 20 mm offset. Note that this is the street tire combo, when in race trim, the car runs on 255 width tires.

  • bigavs002.jpg, clearance between the strut tube and the rim of the wheel
  • bigavs001.jpg, clearance between the strut tube and the tire sidewall
  • bigavs006.jpg, remaining portion of the spring perch pictured next to the tire sidewall
  • bigavs005.jpg, wheel and tire assembly
  • bigavs011.jpg, fitment of the 245 width tire on the 9 inch wide wheel on the rear of Anglin's racer
  • bigavs013.jpg, clearance between the tire and the rear damper (shock) body and the exhaust
  • bigavs017.jpg, comparison between the 245 width tire and the 225 width tire (Kumho V700)
  • bigavs003.jpg, a second angle showing strut tube to sidewall clearance
  • bigavs004.jpg, tire width
  • bigavs018.jpg, second angle of tire width comparison

Owner: David Godfrey, Billet aluminum clutch adjuster quadrant for use with the Godfrey clutch adjuster components ( )

Owner: Harry King, Installation of Steeda camber/caster adjuster plates on the XR4Ti ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Lateral link system designed to reduce lateral deflection of the rear crossmember ( )

Owner: Erik Cotos, Additional Cosworth hood vent fitment pictures ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Machined aluminum throttle cable bracket ( )

     A clean replacement for the steel OEM bracket made of 3" x 3" x 0.25" 6061 aluminum angle.

Owner: Chris Anglin, European XR4i hood versus XR4Ti hood ( )

     Pictures of the underhood bracing to allow easy identification of the Euro hood.

Owner: Chris Anglin, Detail of the outer TCA bushing half ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Throttle body linkage plate comparisons ( )

     The automatic and manual transmission-equipped XR4Tis had different positioning of the throttle cable pivot on the throttle body linkages. Here's a visual comparison between the two.

  • tblinkage001.jpg, Automatic linkage plate (left) vs manual linkage plate (right)

Owner: Chris Anglin, Pace RS500 style Intercooler and its Installation ( )

     Please ignore the condition of the engine compartment, the car was being diagnosed for serious engine management problems.

Owner: Chris Anglin, Cosworth hood vent installation template ( )

     The original source for the document is unknown and its accuracy is unverified.

Owner: Matt Smith, T9 bellhousing differences ( )

     Info provide by Fireant Racing at

Owner: Christopher Grayson, Solid aluminum beam mount bushings ( )

Owner: Chuck Warren, Scorpio polyurethane replacement transmission mount ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Turbocharged 3.0 Duratec exhaust and complete engine pics ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Strut tower brace for cars equipped with the DG camber/caster plates ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, CNC Merkur license plate frames ( )

Owner: Cliff Walton, Differential cooler and pump system for a DG 8.8 conversion (track event car) ( )

Owner: Mike Yates, Dial-In-Cam 2.3 variable cam timing control gear ( )

Owner: Preston Anderson, Thunderbird 3.8 hydraulic motor mount installation (with part numbers!) ( )

     Mount is a modifed NAPA part number 602-1649

Owner: David Godfrey, XR4Ti aluminum coolant tank ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Installation of the Godfrey strut top mounted camber plates ( )

Owner: Jim Snippe, XR4Ti heater core dissection ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Strut top mounted camber plates for the XR4Ti ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, modification to the Company2.3 shock tower brace (aka the Debaker Debar) ( )

     Cutting the slots reduced the weight of the bar by 33% (and people say I'm not hardcore).

Owner: Chris Maskell, project XR4Ti ( )

Owner: Terry Watson, Installation pics of TAS0624 camber adjuster on the XR4Ti ( )

Owner: Steve Kummerfeldt, Cosworth RS intercooler installation (with bonus pics of a SAAB intecooler kit installation on Steve's 2nd XR) ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, XR4Ti weld-in subframe connectors ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, custom aluminum T-5 crossmember ( )

Owner: Terry Watson, TAS0624 camber eccentric for the XR4Ti ( )

Owner: Mike Oyler, rotated upper intake, DG intercooler and DG C&R radiator installation ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Custom, laser cut compression strut brackets, assembled, prior to welding ( )

Owner: Robert Bir, Euro digital/analog clock install, Cosworth RS ECU cover with gauges ( )

Owner: Christopher Grayson, Custom nylon Inner Track Control Arm Bushings ( )

  • graysonbushing002.jpg, dimensional comparision composite image; stock rubber, nylon bushing, Powerflex polyurethane (left to right)
  • graysonbushing001.jpg, composite image of bushing and it's installation into a Track Control Arm (TCA)
  • graysonbushing004.jpg, full-size image of bushing
  • graysonbushing003.jpg, composite image comparing the deflection differences between the Powerflex and the nylon bushing under the same force

Owner: Chris Anglin, Sierra 2.0i interior - manual windows and other cool European goodies ( )

     photo credit unknown

Owner: Chris Anglin, Spy photos of the 1990 XR4Ti that never was (and an SVO DOHC engine) ( )

     photo credit unknown

  • 1990xr4ti001.jpg, a DOHC engine installed into an XR with an intercooler, custom intake, etc.
  • 1990xr4ti002.jpg, top mounted intercooler duct and stock Cosworth grille, note the emblem location

Owner: Chris Anglin, One of Jim Deberry's early V8 conversion installations ( )

Owner: Terry Watson, XR4Ti bumper mounted NACA brake cooling ducts ( )

  • watsonduct001.jpg, closeup of NACA duct installation in bumper
  • watsonduct002.jpg, larger picture of the NACA duct installed in the bumper, along with a bug collection from Laguna Seca

Owner: David Godfrey, Turbine and downpipe flanges for the T3, laser cut ( )

Owner: Cliff Walton, XR4Ti brake cooling ducts ( )

Owner: Terry Watson, Comparison between Cosworth RS front spindles versus XR4Ti front spindles ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Modification of stock cladding rocker sections ( )

Owner: Mike Oyler, Installation of David Godfrey's intercooler ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, 87 XR4Ti 2004-spec racer cooling system modifications ( )

Owner: Dan Rexwinkel, Audi 5000 front mount intercooler installation (dual pass configuration) ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Two piece T-5 driveshaft with guibo and center support bearing ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Improved 65mm throttle body installaton kit ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Final version of the 8.8 differential installation kit ( )

     Note: Images are large, approximately 100K or larger

Owner: Pat Hoogendyke, 1990's Sierra dash installation into an XR ( )

Owner: Pat Hoogendyke, Custom yoke for installation of a T-5 into the XR utilizing the stock driveshaft ( )

Owner: Terry Watson, Custom camber plate installation ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, 8.8 differential installation components ( )

     These are pre-production components in development for future release (as of 15 March 04)

Owner: Cliff Walton, Cosworth 7.5" diff vs stock XR4Ti 7.5" diff comparison ( )

Owner: Craig Madsen, steering column scope for extension of the steering wheel ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Silicone hose, kevlar reinforced, and it's applications on the 2004-spec racer engine ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Clutch adjuster system ( )

     Installation instructions and more pictures at:

Owner: Chris Anglin, Correct Ford PCV valve vs. crap ( )

  • pcv001.jpg, Ford PCV valve (left), aftermarket PCV (right) - metal body doesn't make it right
  • pcv002.jpg, PCV valve box, showing Ford PN

Owner: David Godfrey, 3.0 Duratech engine installed in the XR along with other custom parts ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Front suspension modifications - compression strut, custom swaybar ( )

Owner: Jeff Royer, Fiberglass Cosworth hood pictures ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, The rare K2 Ski XR4Ti, wrecked but still interesting ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Canadian gauge cluster, speedometer registered in km/h ( )

Owner: Unknown, Autozone filter in-store poster featuring 1989 XR4Ti ( )

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Owner: Chris Anglin, Custom aluminum bumper mounting brackets ( )

Owner: Cliff Walton, XR4, V-8 installation ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Upper and Lower Intake Modifications ( )

  • intake010.jpg, lower intake coolant passages plugged for cooling system mods
  • intake009.jpg, properly done work on runners 2 and 3 with casting lump removed
  • intake008.jpg, the results of taking porting work too far, intake is worthless at this point
  • intake007.jpg, lower intake runner two, the lump to be removed from the runner
  • intake006.jpg, lower intake injector cups after being built up, injectors 2 and 3
  • intake005.jpg, lower intake injector cups prior to being built up, injectors 2 and 3
  • intake004.jpg, front view of upper intake welded back together
  • intake003.jpg, upper intake welded back together with EGR boss removed
  • intake001.jpg, removal of EGR boss from upper intake
  • intake002.jpg, EGR port welded closed
  • intake011.jpg, upper intake vacuum port mods
  • intake012.jpg, upper intake vacuum port mods, dedicated lines for Gillis boost valve and bypass valve

Owner: Chris Anglin, Cylinder head porting work ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Exhaust manifold porting and exhaust gas temperature probe installation ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Unorthodox Racing underdrive crank pulley ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Modded and fabricated parts for the 2.3 ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, 2.3 Cooling system modifications with Godfrey thermostat housing, no coolant flow through lower intake ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Esslinger Star round tooth lightweight adjustable cam pulley set ( )

  • gearset002.jpg, full timing pulley set
  • gearset001.jpg, stock Ford round tooth crank pulley (with part number) compared to stock square tooth
  • gearset003.jpg, pulley set, compared to a stock camshaft pulley
  • gearset005.jpg, bonus - Unorthodox Racing underdrive crank pulley and Esslinger auxiliary shaft pulley
  • gearset004.jpg, auxiliary pulley and crank pulley installed on an engine

Owner: Chris Anglin, sacramento Mustang downpipe modification ( )

Owner: Don Sweigart, Installation of a SAAB intercooler into the XR4Ti. ( )

Owner: Mike Oyler, Volvo Intercooler Installation ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, A-pillar gauge mount bracket setup. ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Upper intake webbing knife edging and porting work. ( )

  • intakep2.jpg, Phase 2, webbing shape roughed in
  • intakep1.jpg, Phase 1, upper intake stock, split open
  • intakep3.jpg, Phase 3, webbing knife edged, pre-polish
  • intakep4.jpg, Phase 4, webbing knife edging complete, and surface finish complete

Owner: Carlos Rubio, Gauge cluster pics, ammeter, voltmeter, oil pressure and oil temperature. ( )

Owner: Rick Shield, Gauge cluster pics, replacing stock clock and Graphic Display Module on the XR4Ti. ( )

Owner: Johnny Hinkle, Cosworth interior image. ( )

  • cossieinterior.jpg, Cosworth Interior, specifically the ECA (engine computer) cover mounted where the North American cars received a storage cubby.

Owner: Chris Anglin, European interior components for the racer, provided by Cliff Walton, Phil Dorsey and Dave Weiner (from Cliff). ( )

  • euroswap06.jpg, European gauge cluster surround, note it's rounded off profile (left), compared to the US version (installed)
  • euroswap03.jpg, Sierra center console, better profile shot
  • euroswap02.jpg, Sierra center console emergency brake surround and handle cover
  • euroswap04.jpg, Sierra shifter surround, more narrow front section for extra T-5 shifter clearance
  • euroswap05.jpg, Center cubby and analog clock (It's European!) along with carbon fiber gauge pod, replacing center vent
  • euroswap07.jpg, comparison of US and Euro shifter surrounds, visible difference in front section width - it's clear how much the shifter hole in the panel moves forward
  • euroswap01.jpg, Required mod to heater box to allow installation of gauge pod, that's fiberglass reinforce aluminum tape

Owner: Roger Campbell, Spearco intercooler installation. ( )

Owner: Dirk Nansen, Images of Nigel Habgood's Canadian race shop. ( )

Owner: Ray Torres, Images of his aluminum TC IC ducting setup. ( )

Owner: Chad Hayes, Porsche 944 intercooler and Griffin radiator installation. ( )

Owner: Brett Botell, Custom front mount Spearco intercooler installation. ( )

Owner: Mike Oyler, Audi 5000 intercooler installation. ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Cast aluminum thermostat housing pictures. ( )

  • thermo2.jpg, angle #2 showing neck and bypass fitting
  • thermo3.jpg, angle #3 showing o-ring in the groove, no gasket required
  • thermo1.jpg, angle #1 showing boss for temp sender or anything else

Owner: David Johnson, Spring comparison picture. ( )

  • spring.jpg, front spring comparison, stock (12 years old), BAT's -25mm springs (1 year old), BAT's standard ride height springs

Owner: Jim Deberry, Images of the P100, Sierra-based pickup truck (MkII body). ( )

Owner: Mario Viaggi, Driveshaft comparison pics. ( )

Owner: Cliff Walton, Engine images, as built by David Godfrey. ( )

Owner: Jim Deberry, Wild drag racing European XR images. ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, ATR external wastegate and downpipe configuration. ( )

Owner: Simon Matthews, XR4Ti Leda coilover damper (shock) conversion. ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Downpipe comparison photos. ( )

  • downpipe04.jpg, Sacramento Mustang weld and neckdown detail, at turbo flange - image courtesy Tony Vissoc
  • downpipe01.jpg, side-by-side, stock 2.25 inch, Modern Performance 3 inch crush bent, Borla 2.5 inch mandrel bent
  • downpipe03.jpg, Sacramento Mustang 3 inch mandrel bent downpipe
  • downpipe02.jpg, pipe-to-pipe, direct comparison of one to another

Owner: Jim Deberry, MacPherson strut coilover conversion job. ( )

Owner: Scot, American Speed Center's custom billet fuel line. ( )

Owner: Scot, American Speed Center's Wilwood, custom hat, XR4Ti brake conversion. ( )

Owner: John Baas, Ford Powerstroke IC pictures (and some specs). ( )

Owner: Phil Dorsey, Tinted taillight image. ( )

Owner: Rick Shield, Wilwood Superlite brake conversion. ( )

Owner: Glenn Wallis, Custom HKS intercooler installation pics. ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Custom radiator and (one of the two) intercooler. ( )

Owner: Simon Matthews, Starion intercooler installation. ( )

Owner: Chad Hayes, Custom intercooler installation pics. ( )

Owner: Martin Musial, Differential case grinding for installation of a Quaife limited slip differential. ( )

Owner: David Godfrey, Rear shock tower brace. ( )

Owner: Martin Musial, Differential case grinding for installation of a Quaife limited slip differential. ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Godfrey-designed 65 mm throttle body adapter. ( )

Owner: Tim Roman, XR4Ti to XR4x4 conversion transmission photos. ( )

Owner: Dimitri Wittal, SuperCoupe intercooler installation into a 2.3 turbo powered Scorpio. ( )

  • icscorp02.jpg, plumbing from passenger side, Mustang radiator hose was installed for clearance
  • icscorp01.jpg, intercooler tube routing and bypass valve
  • icscorp03.jpg, plumbing from the driver side, one accessory belt had to be removed for IC clearance
  • icscorp04.jpg, ground clearance of intercooler, with the Scorpio's stone guard removed

Owner: Richard Thompson, Big VAM mount. ( )

Owner: Chad Hayes, Custom (and inexpensive) intercooler installation. ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Picture of Merkur Racing patches and memorabilia. ( )

Owner: Don Haulsee, T-5 driveshaft adapter plate pictures. ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Pictures of the different A-pillar/dash area for the pre-89 and 89 model years. ( )

  • apillar02.jpg, 85-88 A-pillar, from the only tan-interiored XR (that I knew of) at Carlisle 99
  • apillar01.jpg, 89 A-pillar, Jeff Jackson's XR

Owner: David Godfrey, Big brake front disc upgrade. ( )

Owner: Jay Peterson, Custom radiator and RS500 style intercooler setup and installation. ( )

Owner: Keith Cua, Pontiac Grand Prix louver installation. ( )

Owner: Ryan Mattson, XR4Ti Euro vs. Stock headlamp comparison. ( )

Owner: Tim Brewster, 17 inch wheel installation clearance photos ( )

Owner: Dimitri Wittal, 2.3 Turbo powered Scorpio swap. ( )

Owner: Jacek Polanowski, Saab 9000 intercooler installation. ( )

Owner: Richard Thompson, Unique air-to-water intercooler arrangement, utilizing a TC IC. ( )

     More info at

  • a2w02.jpg, Original Pictures: Another angle with a good shot of the IC core
  • a2w03.jpg, modified IC mounted to the engine
  • a2w04.jpg, stock setup for comparison purposes
  • a2w01.jpg, Original Pictures: Engine compartment showing installation

Owner: Ryan Mattson, Dash gauges, ala AutoMeter. ( )

Owner: Jim Deberry, Installation of Mustang Cobra 17x8 wheels and 13 inch disc brakes on a XR4Ti. ( )

Owner: Mike Wallace, K&N and cold air induction setup. ( )

  • filter03.jpg, Engine compartment, air intake tubing as it is routed through the sheetmetal
  • filter02.jpg, Behind the air dam, showing the filter location
  • filter01.jpg, Engine compartment, VAM cover and plumbing route

Owner: David Godfrey, Euro headlamp core support reinforcement brackets. ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, TurboCoupe intercooler fiberglass ducting system prototype, as seen on display at the IMON Gathering at Carlisle, 98 by the Concours Co. ( )

Owner: Chris Anglin, Scorpio headlamp comparison ( )

Owner: Edward Key, Air to water intercooler setup. ( )

Owner: Ryan Mattson, Modern Performance Intercooler setup. ( )

  • mpic07.jpg, IC core from drivers side with required mod to lower radiator hose
  • mpic06.jpg, IC core from underneath
  • mpic05.jpg, IC height and airdam
  • mpic01.jpg, Upper plumbing and blow-off valve arrangement

Owner: Ryan Mattson, The ingenious method used to install the Cosworth hood vents on his XR4Ti. ( )

  • mpic10.jpg, Cosworth vent, unique installation and mounting

Owner: Nigel Habgood, 3 liter Sierra XR4 conversion. ( )

  • rs3000a.jpg, Firewall mods, including a *real* pedal box/master cylinder set (22 Apr 99)
  • rs3000f.jpg, DOHC 3.0 cam journals and head (22 Apr 99)
  • rs3000b.jpg, Firewall mods, interior (22 Apr 99)
  • rs3000c.jpg, Engine compartment, exhaust side (22 Apr 99)
  • rs3000d.jpg, Engine compartment, intake side (22 Apr 99)
  • rs3000e.jpg, RS500 mods to the shell (22 Apr 99)
  • sierra3ltr01.jpg, Group 1 - body shell pictures. Note the lower left image. (18 Oct 98)
  • sierra3ltr02.jpg, Group 2 - head, trans and differential, also brake disc and caliper (18 Oct 98)
  • sierra3ltr03.jpg, Group 3 - suspension system comparisons. Note the upper right image. (18 Oct 98)

Owner: Matthew Brautigam, Pictures of TurboCoupe intercooler installed in an alternate location. ( )

  • tcmod3.jpg, intercooler piping as viewed from above
  • tcmod2.jpg, mounting brackets as viewed from the passenger side underneath bumper cover
  • tcmod1.jpg, intercooler piping as viewed from the passenger side
  • tcmod4.jpg, mounting brackets and position as viewed from the driver's side underneath the bumper cover

Owner: Kevin Journey, Borla vs. Stock Scorpio exhaust system comparison. ( )

Owner: Steve Walton, SVO hood scoop installation on an XR4Ti. ( )

  • xrhood5.jpg, The SVO ducting installed on the XR4Ti hood
  • xrhood3.jpg, The underside of the completed hood
  • xrhood7.jpg, A view of the turbocharger angle and turbo side plumbing for the IC
  • xrhood2.jpg, The TurboCoupe intercooler plumbed and mounted
  • xrhood1.jpg, The masterfully done final product

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