Picture Page Info

The Picture Page was originally formed on my AOL server but has signficantly outgrown the AOL limit of 12 megabytes. At the time of this update (end of 2004), there were more than 24 megabytes of images on the Picture Page. The page was created in 1997 when I wanted to share pics with the IMON list. Since then it has blossomed into a monster that even received a sort feature to make it more user-friendly.

Who can post?

If you have something Merkur related that is interesting or unique and you would like to display to the IMON members, please consider the following. If you email your interesting digital images to me, I will post them to the Picture Page for you. On the average, there are about 100 hits to the page in the first 12 hours after I let the IMON list know about the update.

What is involved with posting?

I typically include an email link directly to you, the poster, so that you can answer any questions about the pictures. It seems that only about 2%-4% of those viewing the pictures will contact you with questions. That of course, is dependant on the subject matter of the pictures.

File Size Concerns

If the file you have to send is a large one, don't fret. Download time ins't much of a hassle for me. If the image files themselves are pretty large, meaning 200K or more, I have a decent photo editor that I can use to trim it to a useable size.

File Format Concerns

In this day of constantly changing technology and widely ranging capabilites of hardware and software, there is some concern about the compatibility of my equipment and yours. Here is what I have learned about this file exchange stuff so far:

- If you have a Mac, please don't compress the images. StuffIt and my PC don't get along.
- My decompression software will accept anything with the extension *.zip*.
- My email program will not accept binaries, i.e. file extension *.bin*

Enough yacking, send me your Pictures!

You can click the email link for a mailto: prompt or send your files to anglin@mc2racing.com. SEND THEM HERE

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