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    Imparts and Fiat Guibo Info - Short info on the installation position of the guibo bolts and nuts; on the flanges on the Fiat guibo, and why we don't need them; and a short testimonial on the Imparts guibo.

Post Date:    Mon, 2 Aug 1999
Subject:      Imparts Guibo

List Members,

It took me 30 seconds to find the Imparts phone number in the archives.  I
spent an extra minute looking around for any helpful details.  I found out
that "Larry" seemed to be the man to talk to.  I called them up (it's even an
800 number) and was on hold for about 10 seconds when (lucky me) Larry picked
up the call.  I told Larry of my IMON affiliation, and said that I had heard
that he was the "man to talk to".  He concurred.  Within 2 minutes he had my
billing/shipping address (which he requesting using proper English, I might
add; "May I ship to..."), my card number and the price INCLUDING shipping.  A
grand total of $45.25 to have that sucker at my door, with $5.25 shipping.
That's the BMW guibo for $40.  Not quite the wholesale price of $33.xx
mentioned in the archives (May 98).  But I am still happy that I am $7 under
the price I quoted my wife.

The part isn't here yet, as I ordered less than 10 minutes ago, but with
service and quickness like what I just experience, I'll be happy if that
sucker takes 5 days to get here...

A very happy customer, soon to be satiated completely...


Post Date:    Mon, 16 Aug 1999
Subject:      Re: Imparts Guibo

List members and Richard,

Richard wrote:

> Kif raises an interesting question. He suggests that his (XR) guibo
> is/should be mounted with all six bolt heads on one side (the front?)
> and all six nuts on the other side.  On two Scorpios whose guibos I've
> changed, three bolts faced the rear and three bolts faced the front of
> the car. Are these differences between the two cars, or did someone
> install a guibo improperly?

I misspoke/wrote or just wasn't clear enough in my description.  I am posting
a clarification.

It has been noted (and I've seen 'em) that the Fiat guibo has tabs on the
metal seams of the guibo.  A list member posted saying that the tabs were
used to retain the head of the bolt to prevent it from twisting while the
nuts are being turned on.  The Imparts/BMW guibo doesn't have those tabs.
More in a bit.

When installing the bolts, they do go in opposing.  Three pointed forward,
three rearward.  The bolt head butts up against the flanges on the driveshaft
and yoke halves, not the guibo itself, the nuts/washers go against the guibo.
This would make the flanges built into the Fiat guibo useless.  You don't
want it retaining the nuts and having to turn the bolts.

Hope this helps clairfy things!


Post Date:    Fri, 17 Nov 2000
Subject:      Re: 85 XR: Guibo questions  
List:         merkurowners@merkurowners.org

Hello all,

Shawn wrote:

> I can remember some discussion a while back 
> as to whether or not to cut the banding off before 
> hand or after. Was there ever a final conclussion?

Ryan replied:

>  Yes leave the banding on until you get the unit installed.

I installed a used guibo recently.  I've installed them new with the band on 
too.  Since the dimensions of the guibo are essentially controlled by the 
rubber, the band keeps the guibo to such a size to allow the bolts to pass 
through easily.

I discovered when installing a new guibo, with band, that the holes weren't 
perfectly aligned.  Got in five bolts fine, the sixth was a real pain.  The 
bolts won't line up at all with no band on (well, you can line one up).  My 
solution for installing the new band was to put a large, constant torque hose 
clamp on it.  You can probably pick up this clamp at a semi truck shop.  I 
believe it goes somewhere between the air filter and the turbo on the truck 

I was able to adjust the load so the bolts went in without any issues at all. 
It was gravy.

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