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    Ford Hose Clamp Info - Reasons why you should remove OEM Ford hose clamps from your car (when you have the opportunity to do so).

Date:         Tue, 1 Jul 1997
Subject:      Re: hose clamps

> For those who want originality (or are
> cheap - covers all of us I guess) the original
> stainless steel hose clamps re-use much better
> if you put some lock graphite on the screw with 
> a tiny bit of penetrating oil.

A word of warning needs to be made about this point.  In Carroll Smith's book
'Prepare to Win'  (I believe, might have been in one of the others in this
series) warned against hose clamps that didn't have the slots/teeth all the
way through the clamp.  This points the finger right at the Ford clamps.  I
have made a point to replace mine with the completely slotted clamps
everytime a hose is replaced, remove, or blows up (which happens too

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