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    Pedal Spacing - Info on gas-to-brake pedal spacing for various year XR's and why the spacing is different.

Post Date:    Fri, 15 Dec 2000
Subject:      Re: late model pedal cluster
List:         xr4-hardcore@egroups.com

Hello all,

Cliff (Walton) wrote:

> I believe the change was made 
> in late 86 to the later pedal 
> cluster.

This is probably just about right.  Don't forget, they changed our floor pan 
in the 87 model year for the European change to the MkII body.  The tranny 
tunnel got wider to accomodate the AWD parts.

I put an 85 cluster into my 87 when I converted from C-3 to T-5 a few years 
ago.  These were my pre-IMON days, so I just thought it was odd that the pedals 
were close and left it at that.

Using the narrow pedal spacing taught me how to heel-and-toe some years ago (an 
invaluable skill, both on the track and off).  Even though I can heel-and-toe 
in every car I've driven now, I wouldn't switch back, simply because I like the 
spacing, even with my size 11EEE feet.

> I installed a pedal set from an 85.
> ...brake was too close to the gas.  
> ...I picked up an 89...  I noticed 
> the brake and gas pedals were not 
> as close together.  I found a pedal 
> set from an 87 and compared...  The 
> difference is only about 3/4"

All of my observations are right on with this.  I have never measured though.  
My wife's 88 has spacing typical to most cars.  My 87, the racer has close 
pedals, with an 87 body and 85 pedals.  My beater, an 85, has appropriate pedal 
spacing as well.  It's when you combine the two different setups that odd stuff 


Update: 20 Mar 2002
Pictures of the pedal clusters

early pedal cluster with late floor pan design late pedal cluster with late floor pan design
Early pedals installed in Anglin's 'racer', a late model floor pan XR, note how sharply the brake pedal jogs to the right. Late pedals installed in a late model XR, note how different the angle on the brake pedal is.
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Published by Chris Anglin.