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    Interior Part Removal and European Part Replacement - A listing of stock interior parts, their weights, and the items I replaced with Sierra parts with a direct comparison of weight savings.

Post Date:    Tue, 13 Mar 2001
Subject:      Interior Part Weight Reduction
List:         xr4-hardcore@yahoogroups.com

Hello all,

I figured if there are any truly "hardcore" XR owners on 
this list, they, if anyone, would appreciate this.

Cliff Walton hooked me up with some Sierra interior parts.  
I've been putting them in my race car in preparation for 
the new season.  As the car is presently about 300 lbs 
overweight in race trim, I'm always looking for class-legal 
ways to cut weight off the car.  I was moderately 
successful with the installation of the parts listed below.

I took the time to compare the weights of European to the 
North American interior components as they would directly 
replace one another.  Here is the list and a comparison:


armrest w/ cassette holder etc.		2.26
Graphic Display Module			0.40
shifter surround, manual tranny		0.31
digital clock				0.29
e-brake boot				0.06
clock/GDM bucket			0.35
warning lamp surround			0.29
total					3.95


center console				0.53
e-brake cover				0.25
cubby w/ clock (analog)			0.52
      w/o clock				0.35
         clock itself			0.17
shifter surround, manual tranny		0.32
total               			1.64

As you see, by changing interior components, I've saved 2.31 
lbs, as measured on a trade-legal scale, recently calibrated, 
accurate to the 1/100th of a pound.

I just calculated the dollar/lb ratio and it ain't all that 
hot.  I spent more than $20/lb.  I figure a carbonfiber hood 
would run me about $12.50/lb.

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Published by Chris Anglin.