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    The Improved Ford 2.3 Valve Cover Gasket - A short write-up on the improved Ford valve cover gasket for the 2.3, including the part number and what makes it so great.

Post Date:    Mon, 02 Apr 2001
Subject:      Re: Valve Cover Oil Leaks - was: April 8th autox
List:         womon@yahoogroups.com

Hello all,

Jeremy wrote:

> Well, if I got my oil leak fixed. I'll be there.  
> This will be the second Valve cover gasket 
> in 4 weeks.

There is a reason why the valve cover is still leaking oil.  You are 
using the wrong valve cover gasket.  There are a few times when you 
should buy Ford parts, and this is one of those times.

Buy Ford valve cover gasket, pn F57Z-6584-A, and you'll never leak 
from there again (unless you start really pressurizing your crankcase).  
The gasket will cost about $25.  It's not cork and it's not just 
rubber, it's steel reinforced rubber.  It's a really nice piece and 
very reusable, as long as you don't go RTVing it.

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