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    Scorpio Replacement Fan Clutch - Jay Peterson's write-up on a good, cheap, and easy to find replacement for the Scorpio engine-driven, fan clutch. Not a direct bolt-on, but the modifications won't take long.

Post Date:    Sun, 12 Aug 2001
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Jay Peterson emailed me these images and the write-up on installing a 
replacement fan clutch for the Merkur Scorpio.  I told him I'd post them to 
the Tech Articles page.  Well here it is.  All work and pictures and ideas 
are his.  I just did the posting...


Follow John Cullenís directions in the IMON Archives; Thursday, 10 Jul 1997, 
(located at http://www.merkurtech.com) for removal and installation of the 
clutch. I bought a 1" & 7/16" open ended wrench from Sears (approx $25.00) 
and it worked great. The OE and the replacement clutch use the same size of 
mounting nut.

Buy a thermal fan clutch for an 83-86 Ford truck with a 4.9 liter engine. The 
Pep Boys stock number is 2715. I bought an Imperial #215061 from Schucks Auto. 
The cost was $34.95.

Fan Clutch

fan clutch

When you get the fan, you will see that the mounting holes fall just inside 
the diameter of the fan. No problem, itís easy to make a solid mounting 
system in ten minutes with a Dremel or similar tool.

Scorpio Fan Hole Alignment vs. Clutch Hole Alignment

Scorpio fan hole alignment vs. clutch hole alignment

First, center the fan on the clutch hub by placing the inside edge of the fan 
on the outside edge of ALL of the hubís mounting holes. You will see that itís 
very easy to get an accurate result. Now scribe the inside edge of the fan on 
each hub spoke -- a little paint or dye helps here. 

Use a Dremel to carefully grind away a little ledge on each of the spokes (see 
below). Follow the curve that you scribed or painted. If anything, error on 
the tight side. Grind away just a little less that the thickness of the fan 
mount. Donít grind away too much or the bolts wonít tighten on the fan. Go 
slow and check for evenness. It took me about 10 minutes.

The Portion of the Ledge Ground Away

the portion of the ledge ground away

Use the bolts supplied with the clutch and four ľ washers. Grind a small flat 
on one side of each washer and they will fit perfectly:

Your clutch is ready to install. The completed clutch with fan:

Fan and Clutch Bolted Together

fan and clutch bolted together

If you can find it, an OE fan clutch is retailing for $290. If you are willing 
to do about 10 minutes of work, this system costs less than $35 and has 
virtually the same specs as the OE.

Completed Assembly

completed assembly

Jay Peterson (8/12/01)


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