XR4Ti Archived Tech Articles

I combed the IMON archives for some of my old posts. I found some subjects that I asked questions about or did some tests. I thought I'd put some of this info (and other info) up on the page, since some of these are reasonably hot topics.

    Factory Boost Gauge Mod - this makes the factory boost gauge more accurate in transient events and displays information more representive of what is going with boost and vacuum.

    Rear Shock Tower Brace Install - based on Allan Slocum's $5 angle-iron shock brace design, this is nearly all you need to know to install a brace in your XR4Ti.

    CV Joint Torx Bolt Removal - here is a collection of my posts about various methods for removing Torx bolts.

    Guibo Info, general, Imparts, and Fiat - Info on installation, position of the guibo bolts and nuts; on the flanges on the Fiat guibo, and why we don't need them; and a short testimonial on the Imparts guibo.

    Ford Hose Clamp Info - Reasons why you should remove OEM Ford hose clamps from your car (when you have the opportunity to do so).

    T-5 and Differential Gear Choices - this covers the topic of the 4.03 and 3.97 first-geared T-5 as it mates up to both the 3.36 (auto) and 3.64 (manual) differential gearing, with a supplemental section on the SVO T-5 ratios.

    Custom Stainless Steel Oil Feed Line and OEM Feed Line Part Number - directions for the installation of a snazzy braided stainless steel oil line to feed your turbo (please note that some engineering concerns have been expressed with this design, and this post simply reflects my experiences). Also includes the Ford part number for the OEM turbo oil feed line.

    Rear Suspension Shimming - The technique for aligning the rear suspension in camber and toe; and my choice in using washers instead of shims for this alignment.

    Brake Pad Performance - My limited experience with various high performance street and racing brake pads.

    225/50 15 Tire Fitment - An extensive series of posts and write-ups on the installation of 225/50 15 tires to the front and rear of the XR4Ti.

    Pedal Spacing - Info on gas-to-brake pedal spacing for various year XR's and why the spacing is different.

    3 Dollar Code Scanner - Who needs to spend $40 on an EEC-IV Code Scanner from an autoparts store when you can build your own for $3.

    Interior Part Removal and European Part Replacement - A listing of stock interior parts, their weights, and the items I replaced with Sierra parts with a direct comparison of weight savings.

    Installation of a Sierra XR4x4 Diff - A writeup on the installation of a European XR4x4 viscous limited slip differential into my 87 XR4Ti.

    The Fix for a Sticking XR4Ti Trunk Lock Button - A general removal, rebuilding, and replacement proceedure that prevent you from having to use the pull-the-lock-back-out-with-the-key trick.

    Tires, Rear Alignment info for Drag Racing - A limited compliation of info regarding suspension setup, drivetrain mods and some limited tire information for maximum traction in a straight line.

    Rear Bushing Effect on Camber - A short writeup on the effect of worn out suspension bushings on rear suspension alignment and camber.

    The Improved Ford 2.3 Valve Cover Gasket - A short write-up on the improved Ford valve cover gasket for the 2.3, including the part number and what makes it so great.

    Aftermarket Ignition Systems - Why you shouldn't bother with any sort of aftermarket ignition box, coil, etc.

    Damper Technology Discussion - The effect of dampers, also know as shocks or struts, on performance handling and racing, and what the damper really does.

    How To Get Heat From Your XR - A write-up on the tests and trials I made while working on the heating system of my XR4Ti.

    Big VAM info - a short description of why you need the appropriate ECM (Electronic Control Module, aka computer) when you install the big VAM (Vane Air Meter).

    The XR4Ti vs. The UHaul Tow Dolly - a record of my experience towing my "racer" XR4Ti on a tow dolly (front axle support only).

    Turbo to Exhaust Manifold Nuts - and why we have to be careful when we replace them, with an extra section on general fastener information.

    Solo II Autocross Classification of the XR4Ti - Information on the classes the XR4Ti is legal for and recommendations for class choice (along with info on how to get in touch with your SCCA region).

    Scorpio Replacement Fan Clutch - Jay Peterson's write-up on a good, cheap, and easy to find replacement for the Scorpio engine-driven, fan clutch. Not a direct bolt-on, but the modifications won't take long.

    Gotta Slam Your Hatch to Make it Latch? - Does your XR4Ti require you to shut the hatch several times before it actually latches? It's amazing how easy it is to fix this problem.

    How to Store Your Merkur (or any other car) for Winter - An answer to a question that comes up every year. How do you prepare the car for hibernation anyway? Will it be inside, outside, started occasionally, or not at all. A compilation of information from the IMON list. All info used by permission.

    What is Trailer Hitching? - A contribution by Dr. Keith Delahoussaye that sums up trailer hitching, the problems it can cause and why, and what you can do to solve it.

    XR4Ti T9 Fluid Change - Lih-Yen Hsieh contributed this write up on the draining and refilling proceedure for the fluid in the XR4Ti's T9 (most techniques will apply to T9 equipped Scorpios).

    VIN Tag and Color Codes - A listing of the VIN tag codes and their meanings. Also a listing of the trim and color codes, combinations of cladding and exterior body colors, and so forth.

    Heater Control Valve Removal, XR4Ti - A picture is worth a thousand words. This mod is said to improve heat output, increase heater core lifespan, and simplify the cooling system.

    C-3 auto to T-5 manual Transmission Swap - Ryan Mattson's C-3 automatic to T-5 manual transmission swap write-up. Information also interjected by Chris Anglin (who has done the same swap with different parts).

    Leaky Steering Rack Fix - Lih-Yen Hsieh's submission regarding the repair and leak prevention for the steering rack.

    2.3L Engine Service Specifications - The complete list of specifications for the 2.3 liter turbo motor, as digitized by Ryan Mattson.

    XR4Ti Frame/Chassis Dimensions - The critical frame and chassis dimensions of the XR4Ti, as digitized by Ryan Mattson.

    Rick Byrnes on Spark Plugs and Aftermarket Ignitions - Originally displayed with permission on Ryan Mattson's www.merkur23.com, this information, provided by Rick Byrnes, is great info about the stock Ford ignition system.

    Intake Porting? - A collection of posts and off-list emails about the act of porting and the theory behind porting the upper and lower intakes on the 2.3 turbo engine.

    Walbro 255 liter per hour Fuel Pump Installation - Chris Grayson's comprehensive write-up on the installation of the Walbro 255 liter/hr fuel pump in place of the XR4Ti's stock in-tank fuel pump.

    Volvo 16v Head Swap - A mostly complete article written by Dana Woolery, Steve DuChene, and others on the technical aspects of installing the Volvo 16v aluminum head on the Ford 2.3 turbo block.

    Engine and Auxillary System Sensor Guide - A guide for locating sensors for the engine and other auxillary systems on the XR4Ti. Note: this is an image heavy page with 18 images with a total size of approximately 1.02 megabytes.

    How to Buy Correct XR4Ti Rear Brake Shoes - A summary, in pictures and text of how to buy rear brake shoes for the XR4Ti without getting the incorrect parts.

Published by Chris Anglin.