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xclaim This page has been recently updated with the most recent pictures from the XR4TiSC swap.

The Road to Supercharging The task of swapping out the 2.3 in favor of installing the SuperCoupe's 3.8 V-6 hasn't been a drop it in and bolt it down propostion. Now that the project is driveable, David can only enjoy the fruits of his labor!

As the various steps in the process of swapping the SC motor into the XR4Ti progress, there will be updates appearing in this section. Here is the latest news coming from David:

Latest Update The project I started 2 weeks after Carlisle last year & hoped to have completed by September is finally done. Took a few detours along the way but I am very pleased with the results. Wanted to have had this done already, but the flu bug took me out for a week.

The car is a blast to drive, really a completely different critter. All of my goals have been met and in most cases exceeded. More power & torque, smoother, faster, quicker, cooler (no glowing cast iron after a "fun run") and very easy to drive. Ran it well past 100 (4K RPM in 5th, .63 overdrive) and the car was just loafing along. Totally effortless acceleration, too. Still need to charge the AC, but for now its time to drive!

Been lots of talk recently about an SHO swap. Hope someone does it. Be nice to alter the gene pool some more! Really, there is a lot to learn & be gained by doing a motor swap. I'm sure my motor choice & way of doing things is not for everyone, but I learned a lot & have been able to assist others along the way.

Had some good support from list members on this project. Jim DeBerry & Jim Hunter are excellent sources of info and encouragement. Good to have folks like Rick Byrnes & Brian Chomicz (SVO list) to bounce questions off of too. Also nice to refer people to Chris Anglin's web site instead of answering the same questions over & over. Got a little bit of assistance from the Super Coupe guys, but as a group they are not nearly as easy to deal with as IMON'ers.

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The following pictures illustrate a nearly chronological order of the development of the engine swap. If you are looking for the newest images, go to the Latest Pictures section towards the bottom. Enjoy!

Mock-up installation:
Header/manifold comparison:
Oil pan mods:
On the engine stand:
The engine in it's "final resting place":
Some required systems:
The massive Air-to-Water Intercooler:
The engine (WOW!):
Final Pictures
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